Daniel Pella
President of the International College of Nutrition,
President of Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis.
Medicine PJ Safarik University, L. Pasteur University Hospital, Kosice, Slovak Republic.
Professor Daniel Pella, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor Daniel Pella finished his medicine studies at Pavol Jozef Safarik University (UPJS) in Kosice, Slovakia in 1986. Defended his Ph.D. thesis in Internal Medicine in 2000, gained postgraduate specializations in Internal Medicine and Cardiology in 1989 and 1995, respectivelly. He was appointed Professor of Medicine at Charles University in Prague in 2007.
His professional career is dedicated maily to preventive and non-interventional cardiology. He was founder and the first Head of Centre of Preventive and Sports Medicine at L. Pasteur University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine UPJS in Kosice in 2006. Later on, this centre became an integrative part of the 3rd Department of Medicine, where he was again nominated for the Head of the Department. He developed there with help of the European Union Structural Funds Centre of Excellency for Atherosclerosis Research.
He is Executive Director of the International College of Cardiology, President of the International College of Nutrition and President of Slovak Association of Atherosclerosis.
During period from 2010-2014 he was Vice-Dean for International Relations at Faculty of Medicine UPJS and in October 2014 was elected for Dean of this Faculty for period 2014-2019. He is chairman of the Scientific Board of Faculty of Medicine UPJŠ in Kosice and member of several other Scientific Boards including those at Ministry of Health in Slovakia.
During his career delivered more than 500 lectures in Slovakia and abroad, many of them were invited ones. Published more than 150 articles, from this number more than 50 indexed in Current Contents (some of them in journals with Impact Factor higher then 50) and his works were cited more than 600 times in databases Web of Science and Scopus. He is member of Editorial Boards of several national and international journals and member of Steering Committees and National Coordinator of several multicentre randomized clinical trials.

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