Gani Bajraktari
Medical Faculty University of Prishtina, Kosovo.
Prof.Dr. Gani Bajraktari, MSc, PhD, FESC, FACC

- Graduated in Medicine from University of Prishtina (Kosovo) in 1990, completed his specialization in cardiology at the Second Clinic of Cardiology, University Clinical Center “Mother Teresa”, Tirana (Albania), in 1997.
- Postgraduate trainings: in Bassano del Grappa, Magenta, and Niguarda Ca’Granda Hospital, Milan (Italy), in Zagreb (Croatia), Zabrze (Poland) in the field of echocardiography and invasive cardiology.
- Postgraduate studies - Master Thesis in Medical Faculty, University of Zagreb (Croatia) (2000), in the field of stress-echocardiography.
- Defended the Doctorate Thesis “LV diastolic function in non-insulin-dependent diabetics”, Medical Faculty, University of Prishtina (2002).
- Second PhD Thesis “Relationship between insulin resistance and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction”, Semelweis University, Budapest, Hungary (2006).
- Third PhD Thesis “The Clinical Value of Total Isovolumic Time”, Umea University, Umea, Sweden (2014).
- From 2001-2003 and 2007-2009 - director of Internal Medicine Clinic, University Clinical Centre of Kosova, in Prishtina.
- From 2006 and currently, Professor of Internal Medicine-Cardiology, Medical Faculty University of Prishtina.
- From 2009-2011 - Dean of Medical Faculty, University of Prishtina.
- From 2012-2017, Head of Internal Medicine Department, Medical Faculty, University of Prishtina
- From 2014-2016, Director of the Clinic of Cardiology, University Clinical Centre of Kosova, in Prishtina.
- Clinical and research interests include coronary artery disease, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, diastology, diabetes and heart failure.
- Author of five books.
- Fellow of European Society of Cardiology and Fellow of American College of Cardiology.
- Awarded with the Price “Scientist of the Year 2014” by Ministry of Education, Republic of Kosovo.
- Current President of Kosovo Society of Cardiology

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