Niki Katsiki
Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
Niki Katsiki, MSc, PhD, MD, FRSPH is a specialist in Internal Medicine and a researcher at the Medical School, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Her PhD was based on obesity-related peptides in diabetic patients. She is a University Clinical and Research Fellow in Hippokration University Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece as well as a member of the Executive Board of the Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society.
Dr. Katsiki’s clinical and research interests involve cardiovascular disease and diabetes prevention and treatment. She has participated in obesity, lipid, diabetes, and peripheral artery disease outpatient clinics. Dr Katsiki has given talks and lectures in several international conferences (in Greece, UK, Serbia, Italy, Austria and Poland) and participated in Expert Panel meetings, guidelines publications and clinical trials. She has also been involved in teaching medical students and trainees as well as postgraduate students. Dr Katsiki was an Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at the Department of Clinical Biochemistry (Academic Head, DP Mikhailidis), Royal Free Hospital campus, University College London Medical School, University College London (UCL), UK.
Dr Katsiki was awarded an educational grant from the Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society and the Northern Greece Diabetes Association. Some of her clinical studies have been awarded by the Northern Greece Diabetes Association. She is also a SCOPE member of the International Association for the Study of Obesity and a member of the Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease Group of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes.
Dr Katsiki serves as a reviewer for several journals and she is Associate Editor of Angiology and Clinical Lipidology, Section Editor of Archives of Medical Science as well as Book Review Editor and News and Views Editor of Current Vascular Pharmacology. Dr Katsiki has 245 publications papers listed in PubMed and more than 2,000 citations on the ISI, Core Collection (h-factor = 26).

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